How To Submit Your NSFAS Appeal Letter – 2023

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How To Submit Your NSFAS Appeal Letter: Have you written your NSFAS appeal letter and wondering how you’re to submit it? Well, writing the motivational appeal letter is one thing, and submitting it is another.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can submit NSFAS Appeal Motivational letter for NSFAS to review your appeal for possible funding.

So, let’s jump right into the topic of how to submit NSFAS appeal letter.

How To Submit Your NSFAS Appeal Letter

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your MyNSFAS Account
  3. Click on the Appeal Button (You only see the button if your application status is unsuccessful)
  4. Complete the forms with all the required information
  5. Click on the Submit button to send your NSFAS appeal letter

You must click on the submit appeal button before your appeal can be sent to NSFAS. Otherwise, NSFAS will not get your appeal letter to evaluate and verify yoru information for funding.

The NSFAS Appeal Letter is a lodgement of queries returning students send to NSFAS for a review of their applications that were unsuccessful or revoked from the scheme for a reason.

Those who are to write and submit NSFAS appeal motivational letters are those who;

  1. You fail the academic performance of passing at least 50% of your modules
  2. Change in your combined household annual income
  3. You fail to meet academic performance due to medical reason
  4. You had a gap year and could not continue your semester
  5. More than one sibling enrolled
  6. Your application was rejected for some reason

Deadline For Submitting NSFAS Appeal Letter

You can submit your NSFAS motivational appeal letter at any time. Currently, there is no deadline for submitting an appeal letter to NSFAS.

Again, you should know that your NSFAS will send you a response and the status of your appeal after thirty (30) days from the day you submitted your appeal.

You can submit your NSFAS appeal letter online or use the email address which is

As you get to know how to submit your nsfas appeal letter, you should also remember the deadline for submitting your appeal.

You cannot submit your appeal after NSFAS appeal closing date.

How Long Does NSFAS Take To Respond To Appeal?

You may have appealed and you have not gotten a response as to how your appeal process is going. Lots of students go through a series of worries when they are not getting responses to their appeal applications.

But the real question is how long will it take NSFAS to respond to your appeal?

That is why we have a full article on How Long Does NSFAS Take To Respond To Appeal? You’ll get to know the length of period your appeal will be responded to and how NSFAS appeal works.

Again, we do believe you have gotten answers to how to submit NSFAS motivational appeal letter.

Who Is Eligible To Appeal To NSFAS?

Even though, your may qualify to apply for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). However, when it comes to appealing to NSFAS, you may not be a qualified candidate.

So, how does this work? how do you know you qualify to appeal to NSFAS to fund you?

We recommend this article Who Can Appeal For NSFAS to you for in-depth information.

Remember, is the webpage for NSFAS

We do hope this article on how to submit your NSFAS appeal letter was helpful.


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