Here Is How To Track NSFAS Application Status On WhatsApp

Students who have applied to the NSFAS can now track their application status via WhatsApp. So, here is how to track NSFAS application status on WhatsApp.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), has introduced a new way of checking application status through WhatsApp.

This has added to the other ways of tracking NSFAS application statuses like How To Check NSFAS Application Status Online.

So, are you a student who has applied for NSFAS funding and would want to know your application progress via WhatsApp?

Yes, it is now possible to see your NSFAS application status directly from your mobile phone through WhatsApp.

In this article, you’re going to learn the step-by-step instructions to track your application for NSFAS status on WhatsApp.

I should, therefore, take you straight to the steps.

How To Track NSFAS Application Status On WhatsApp

  1. Add the number 078 519 8006
  2. Add the number to your WhatsApp contact list
  3. Start a conversation with the number
  4. You will be able to see your NSFAS application status
how to check nsfas status on whatsapp

Students who have applied for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme are to note that, this is just one of the many ways to check your application progress.

Again, NSFAS says this method will help to fast-track the process of checking your application status and also reduce the heavy load on the NSFAS website.

What Is The WhatsApp Number For NSFAS?

Students who want to track their application status via WhatsApp, or chat with NSFAS through WhatsApp will have to use the number 078 519 8006.

More also, the old NSFAS contact number 08000 67327 is still active for voice calls to make inquiries.

Can You Track Your NSFAS Application Status On WhatsApp?

Yes, applicants who have applied to NSFAS can check their application status on WhatsApp.

Students who are still waiting for NSFAS approval can go on to track their application progress via the NSFAS WhatsApp number.

How Long Does NSFAS Take To Respond To WhatsApp Chat?

As long as you chat with NSFAS within working hours, NSFAS will respond immediately to your WhatsApp chat.

The purpose of the introduction of the WhatsApp chat was to fast-track checking application status so, the response is fairly quick.

So, the NSFAS whatsapp number status check is quick as well.

Why NSFAS WhatsApp Number For Application Tracking?

Over the years, the number of applications that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) receives has been on the increase.

NSFAS, therefore, has to introduce pragmatic measures to help all the processes involve in the application, verification, approval, and also application progress status check to be simple and quick.

Both university students and TVET College students qualify to apply for NSFAS to seek funding as long as the institution is a public institution.

Each year, there are loads of a number of students who try to access the NSFAS portal to check their application status online.

This heavy load sometimes causes technical glitches and the website goes offline leaving lots of students stranded and frustrated as to how they will get to know their application status.

We also know that we are in a technological age where the internet has contributed to making schooling and education more simple online.

Therefore, to help the process for students who are seeking NSFAS funding by applying for approval to know their application progress, NSFAS is making use of the WhatsApp platform.

The WhatsApp application can be used on smartphones and so, students will find it more convenient to track their NSFAS application on WhatsApp as well.

Nonetheless, an alternative way to track your NSFAS application is by using the USSD code.

NSFAS has also made use of the USSD technology for applicants to check their application status.

To use the USSD to check the NSFAS application status, dial *120*67327# and follow the prompts to track your application progress.

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How Much Does It Cost To Track NSFAS Application Status On WhatsApp?

Students will only need to turn on their mobile phone’s data to use the NSFAS WhatsApp chat.

Again, students do not pay any fee to use the NSFAS WhatsApp number to check their application status.

However, since the WhatsApp application runs on internet data, students will need to have internet data in order to check their status on the app.

I do hope this article on how to check NSFAS status on WhatsApp was helpful. You can ask your question in the comment.

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