How Long Does NSFAS Take To Respond To Appeal? 2023

How long does NSFAS take to respond to appeal? This is one of the frequently asked questions by students who have appealed for NSFAS funding and waiting for approval.

Did you appeal to NSFAS to restore your funding or did your application status show unsuccessful and you have appealed and waiting for a response?

If you’re looking for the answers to the questions, then you should keep reading.

In this article, we’re answering the question of how long NSFAS takes to respond appeal, when you need to appeal to NSFAS for funding, how to appeal to NSFAS, etc.

We’ll also look at other FAQs related to these questions and provide answers to them all.

So, let’s jump right to the main article.

How Long Does NSFAS Take To Respond To Appeal?

Usually, it should take at most 30 days for NSFAS to respond to appeals. However, NSFAS may respond faster if there’s enough information that is accurate and NSFAS can evaluate and verify faster and easily.

Again it should not take more than one month for NSFAS to respond to your application for appeal for funding.

Normally, NSFAS may delay responding to your appeal when NSFAS did not get enough information from your appeal letter to process your motivational appeal letter faster.

NSFAS can respond to your appeal within a few days after you submit your appeal letter.

We, therefore, advise students who submit their appeal to frequently check the progress of their appeal in their MyNSFAS Accounts.

Now, let’s see some of the frequently asked questions related to how long NSFAS take to respond to appeals and provide their answers.

How Many Times Can You Appeal For NSFAS Funding?

Students can appeal for NSFAS funding once after their previous application is unsuccessful or their current funding is canceled.

You can only appeal one time per academic year when the NSFAS appeal is open. This means if NSFAS turns down your first appeal, you’ll have to wait for the next NSFAS application to open to reapply for the NSFAS funding.

You cannot appeal twice for NSFAS in one academic year.

However, you can apply twice for NSFAS funding. You should read How To Apply For NSFAS Twice? –Guide for the detailed step-by-step process.

Can NSFAS Appeal Be Rejected?

Yes, your NSFAS appeal can be rejected. NSFAS will still have to evaluate your appeal motivational letter and verify your appeal supporting documents before they approve or restore your funding.

So, this means you must be good at writing an NSFAS appeal letter and in addition, support your letter with documents that are accurate, factual, and verifiable.

NSFAS can reject your appeal unless your reasons are convincing enough and have certified documents to support your claims.

Why Is NSFAS Not Responding To My Appeal?

NSFAS may not respond to your appeal if there is not sufficient information to help NSFAS to verify your claims in your appeal for approve or restore your funding.

For example, if you do not support your appeal motivational letter with certified documents, or do not include why your application was unsuccessful or your previous funding was canceled.

NSFAS may not be able to respond to your application appeal letter.

We recommend that you read How Long Does NSFAS Take To Verify Your Information for in-depth information on why NSFas may not respond to your appeal.

Will NSFAS Respond To My Appeal?

Yes, NSFAS will respond to your appeal if you meet the requirements for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and its appeal.

So, in knowing how long does NSFAS take to respond to appeals, you should know that your appeal will be effective if you meet the requirements.

Do You Qualify To Appeal For NSFAS Funding?

Before you can write your NSFAS appeal motivational letter to appeal to NSFAS to approve your application for funding or restore your funding that is canceled, you must make sure that you qualify to appeal.

That is why we have a full article on Who Can Appeal For NSFAS? that gives detailed information on the subject.

What Happens When NSFAS Approves Your Appeal?

Your NSFAS status will change to “Appeal approved for funding subject to registration when NSFAS approves your appeal and your application for NSFAs appeal is successful.

This means you’ll receive NSFAS funding once the institution you intended to study gives you admission space and you accept to register for enrollment.

Again, if you have already registered at an institution, you will have to make sure the Financial Aid Office of your institution provides your academic information to NSFAS so that, a bursary can be created for you to receive all the NSFAS packages.

NSFAs will not disburse your allowances if you do not register to study at an institution even if your appeal is approved which rarely happens.

Moreover, as you now know the answer to the question of how long does NFAS take to respond to an appeal, you should know that you can only appeal only on NSFAS webpage which is

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