How To Appeal For NSFAS Online 2023 – Easy Guide

How to appeal for NSFAS Online? This is one of the frequently asked questions by students whose NSFAS applications for funding for the 2023 academic year were not successful or canceled.

Are you a student who wants to appeal for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for funding and wondering about how to appeal for NSFAS online?

Well then, you don’t have to break your neck to know the guide to appeal for NSFAS funding.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the step-by-step easy guide on how you can appeal to NSFAS to get your funding back so that you can complete your qualification in the university or TVET College.

We’ll also look at other related FAQs and provide answers to them all.

So, let’s ride into the subject.

How To Appeal For NSFAS Online 2023

  1. Go to and log into your MyNSFAS Account
  2. Click on Track Funding Progress
  3. Click on the Submit Appeal tab if your application status shows unsuccessful
  4. You’ll see the reason your application was unsuccessful on the Application Appeal page
  5. Write your motivation appeal letter and state the reason you’re appealing for funding
  6. The appeal letter must not exceed 1000 characters including spacing
  7. Upload certified supporting documents to support your claims
  8. Click Submit Appeal
  9. You can track your appeal progress in your MyNSFAS account a few days after you submit your appeal letter.
How To Appeal To NSFAS Online Video Tutorial

How To Write NSFAS Appeal Motivational Letter

Students who want to appeal for NSFAS funding will need to write an NSFAS appeal motivational letter. Applicants will have to go through the appeal process in order to successfully submit their appeal letter for funding.

The process is simple and easy to follow. We recommend that you read How To Write NSFAS Appeal Motivational Letter – Easy Guide for the detailed step-by-step process of writing a successful motivational letter for your NSFAS appeal.

NSFAS Appeal Guide For 2023

The below tips are very important and are what you should do to successfully appeal for NSFAS funding for the 2023 NSFAS appeal.

  1. You must write your appeal letter on the application page of NSFAS website
  2. You must state the reasons for your appeal
  3. You must upload certified supporting documents to support your motivation (e.g medical report, death certificate, etc)
  4. Your appeal must not exceed 1000 characters (including spacing)
  5. You must make sure you submit your appeal forms before you close the page
  6. You will need to track the progress of your appeal in your MyNSFAS Account

Now, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Who Can Appeal For NSFAS 2023?

Both new students whose application for funding was unsuccessful and returning students whose funding was revoked for failing to meet the academic requirements of passing at least 50% of their modules.

These are the qualified applicants who can appeal for NSFAS funding.

You do not appeal if your previous funding was successful and your funding is not canceled.

How Do You Submit NSFAS Appeal Online?

Students who will write the 2023 NSFAS appeal motivational letter online will have to submit their appeal letters online. You’ll have to click the “Submit Appeal” button on the application appeal page in order to submit your appeal letter.

You will not complete your appeal if you do not click on the Submit Appeal button to sent your motivatioal letter to NSFAS.

You should read How To Submit Your NSFAS Appeal Letter (2022) for the other methods and a detailed guide to submitting your appeal successfully.

Can You Appeal For NSFAS With Appeal Form?

Yes, students can appeal for NSFAS with hard copy NSFAS appeal forms. However, you’ll have to download the NSFAS 2023 Appeal Forms, complete the forms and submit them to NSFAS.

How Do You Submit NSFAS Appeal Forms?

If you wrote your appeal for funding with the NSFAS appeal form, then you will have to submit your appeal to the Financial Aid Office of your institution with all the relevant supporting documents.

The Institutions Appeals Committee will evaluate your appeal motivational letter and make a decision on whether to fund you or not.

We advise that, new students appeal through online and continuing students may appeal with the appeal forms if possible. But should also appeal online for easy and faster process.

Can NSFAS Reject Your Appeal?

Yes, NSFAS can reject your appeal for funding if they seem fit. This is because your appeal is to tell NSFAS why your application was unsuccessful or canceled, and again, to convince NSFAS with a strong reason why they should restore your funding.

With this insight, you should try your possible best to give a strong and reasonable motivation that will create empathy on your behalf for NSFAS to restore your funding or approve your application.

So, if your motivational letter is not convincing enough or does not give strong reasons, NSFAS will reject your appeal for funding.

Your NSFAS appeal motivational letter must be worded well and and create empathy to convince NSFAS. .


However, your reasons must be factual as you’ll need to back your claims with supporting documents for evaluation

We do hope this article on how to appeal for NSFAS online was helpful.

You may ask your questions in the comment section.


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