What Is Non-SASSA Declaration Form? – Easy Guide

What is a non-SASSA declaration form? If you happen to be a student who has applied for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and have been asked to submit a non-SASSA declaration form, then you should know what the form is.

Most students who seek financial aid from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and apply to be funded are asked to submit a Non-SASSA declaration form.

You’ll therefore need to complete the form and submit it to NSFAS.

In this article, we’re diving into what is the Non-SASSA Declaration Form used for, what is the Non-SASSA declaration form, why you’re to submit a non-SASSA declaration form, etc.

We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about non-sassa declaration form.

We should therefore get started with the topics.

What Is Non-SASSA Declaration Form?

The Non-SASSA Declaration Form is a document that helps you as an NSFAS applicant to prove to NSFAS that indeed, you are an orphan by the confirmation of either a social worker or ex-school principal.

Again, by submitting the Non- SASSA Declaration Form, you commit yourself that if perchance NSFAS finds out that you are not an orphan, you are legally bound to repay all of NSFAS academic funding and NSFAS can press criminal charges against you.

You can download the non-sassa declaration form from NSFAS website and or, wait till NSFAS send you the forms after you have applied for NSFAS funding.

nsfas non-sassa declaration form
nsfas non-sassa declaration form

Non-SASSA Declaration Form FAQ

Now, let us look at some of the frequently asked questions about NSFAS Non-SASSA Declaration Form.

Why is Non-SASSA Declaration Form Important?

According to NSFAS, many students are willing to convince the scheme to the extent of lying about their parents simply because they need the funding in order to complete their qualifications.

This makes students not declare detailed information about their parents as NSFAS requires by stating that they are orphans but SASSA does not have their records in the SASSA database as orphans.

However, this allegation and the reason for not providing true detailed information about the student’s parent are said to be false most of the time since SASSA does its part to keep records on all orphans in South Africa.

So, by completing the non-Sassa declaration form, the student is declaring that they have not received any SASSA grant and are orphans and also liable for any penalty in case he or she is found to have lied to NSFAS about his or her parent information.

Can NSFAS Reject You Because of Non-SASSA Declaration Form?

Yes, NSFAS can cancel your funding and also, press legal charges against you if you’re found to have lied about your parent’s details.

Therefore, we advise you to provide the accurate and correct information when completing the Non-SASSA declaration forms before you submit them to NSFAS for verification.

Where Can I Get Non-SASSA Declaration Form?

You can download the NSFAS non-sassa declaration form from NSFAS website. NSFAS Non-SASSA Declaration Form Download

Again, NSFAS will send you the non-sassa declaration form when you apply for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for funding for your academic qualification at either in a public university or a public TVET College.

Will NSFAS Accept My Application If I Sign The Non-SASSA Declaration Form?

Signing the non-sassa declaration form does not guarantee that NSFAS is going to approve your application for the funding.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) considers that you meet all the qualification requirements before your application can be approved.

We do recommend that you read Who Qualifies For NSFAS
for the detailed information on the requirements, you must meet in order to get NSFAS funding.

We do hope this article on what is Non-SASSA Declaration Form is helpful?

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