Why Is My NSFAS Account Locked? – Solved! 2022

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why is my nsfas account locked

Why is my NSFAS Account locked? This is one of the frequently asked questions by students whose MyNSFAS Accounts are blocked.

Are you trying to log into your NSFAS account and you can’t access it? Is your NSAFS account locked and do you want to understand why?

Well then, your questions are addressed in this post.

In this article, we’re providing answers to the question of why is your NSFAS account locked. We’ll also look at solutions to unblocking/unlocking your NSFAS Account.

Again, we’ll also look at some of the other frequently asked questions related to why your NSFAS account is blocked.

So, let’s go straight to the topics.

Why Is My NSFAS Account Locked?

Your NSFAS Account is locked because the NSFAS system detected that a wrong login detail; username, or password was entered into your account three (3) times.

When the NSFAS system signals that a wrong username or password has been entered into your account with the aim to log into and access the information in it, the system will automatically lock your account.

NSFAS will lock your account when it sees that the login details trying to access the account are different from the one stored in the system.

Your MyNSFAS Account will be locked only when the wrong login details is entered three (3) times.


It could be that it is you who has forgotten your NSFAS Account login details and has entered the wrong username or password.

Or it could be somebody is trying to login into your account and the person doesn’t know your login details.

Once the wrong data is entered into the system on the third count, NSFAS will automatically block your account.

Now that you know why your NSFAS account is locked, let’s look at the frequently asked questions and their answers related to why is MyNSFAS Account Locked.

What Does It Mean When Your NSFAS Account Is Locked?

When your NSFAS Account is locked, it means you cannot log into your account and therefore cannot access the information in your account.

The result is, you cannot manage your NSFAS account anymore, you cannot make important changes in your account.

Also, you cannot perform functions like resetting your password, changing your email, or updating your personal information.

Your NSFAS Account contains all your personal and academic information that NSFAS uses to identify you and record them in their data.

NSAS will communicate with you through your contact information like email and password in your account.

So, you lose control over your information, and your ability to access your account is limited and denied once you cannot log into your NSAS account because it’s locked.

It’s very important to take immediate actions when your NSFAS Account is locked.


That is why you should read How To Unlock NSFAS Account for the step-by-step detailed guide to help you to unlock NSFAS Account.

How Do You Avoid Locking Your NSFAS Account?

You should always enter the correct login details into your account whenever you’re logging into your NSFAS Account.

To do so, you should always recheck if the username and password are typed correctly before you click to enter to log into your account.

This means you avoid the risks of typing wrong login information into your account.

More also some keyboards have automatic word input so, you should take your time to avoid letting your keyboard enter the wrong login information into your account.

How Do You Keep Your NSFAS Account Safe From Locking?

You should try to remember or memorize your NSFAS account username and password so that, you avoid typing the wrong information when you try to login into your account.

Again, you can store your NSFAS account Login details on your device so that, you can easily recollect them whenever you need them for your account login.

Moreover, you should not share your NSFAS Account Login information, like your username and password with anybody.

With these tips, you can keep your account safe from getting locked.

However, you can always reset your NSFAS details when there’s a need.

That is why we have a full guide on How To Reset MyNSFAS Login Details to help you to reset or change your NSFAS account login.

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Remember www.nsfas.org.za is the webpage for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme.

We do hope this article answered the question of why is MyNSFAS account locked?

You can ask your questions in the comment section.

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Tshidiso February 23, 2022 - 5:13 am

My NSFAS account is locked and I really need to unlock it please help..

Universityonlineapplication February 23, 2022 - 6:10 am

You should use the guide in here How To Unlock NSFAS Account

Isenzo February 2, 2022 - 10:01 pm

I am sorry about this i didn’t know about the laws of it i am truly am sorry

Universityonlineapplication February 3, 2022 - 6:50 am

If your account is locked, only have to unlock it. There’s no need to feel sorry. Check the guide to unlock your account from here How To Unlock NSFAS Account


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