How To Activate NSFAS Wallet 2023? – Easy Guide

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how to activate nsfas wallet

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 10:27 am

How to activate NSFAS wallet is one of the frequently asked questions by students who are funded by NSFAS and are trying to create their NSFAS EWallet.

Have you gone through the process of creating your NSFAS Ewallet and do you want to activate it now? The procedure is sometimes frustrating especially if you’re trying to activate your NSFAS wallet for the first time.

However, you don’t necessarily have to break your neck to activate your NSFAS wallet.

So, in this article, we’re taking you through the step-by-step easy guide to activating NSFAS wallet or e-wallet.

Let’s jump right into the guide right away.

How To Activate NSFAS Wallet

Follow the guide below for the process that answers the question of how do I activate NSFAS wallet.

  1. Create your NSFAS Wallet through
  2. Sign your LAF/SOP
  3. You’ll receive an SMS that welcomes you to NSFAS Wallet
  4. Open the SMS and verify your account by dialing *134*176#
  5. Reply with your Identification Number (ID number)
  6. You’ll receive a password for your NSFAS wallet.

Note: if the code did not work, try *120*176#

We encourage you to keep your NSFAS wallet password secure from others because, if anyone gets hold of it, they can use your allowances in your wallet.

You’ll have to use your password whenever you want to do any transaction with your NSFAS ewallet.

After you have followed the process above, you should be able to activate your NSFAS wallet.

How Do I activate NSFAS wallet Video Tutorial

If you’re still facing challenges with creating your wallet, we recommend that you read the full article How To Register For NSFAS Wallet Account. It contains an easy guide to create your wallet successfully.

Now, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions related to how to activate my NSFAS Wallet and their answers.

Why Do You Need To Activate NSFAS Wallet?

NSFAS will not send your allowances into your wallet if it is not activated. Activating your NSFAS wallet keeps your wallet secure with a safe password. This makes NSFAS trust the wallet to disburse your allowances into it.

You cannot recieve your NSAS allowances if you do not activate your ewallet.

Can You Reset NSFAS Wallet Password?

Yes, you can reset your NSFAS wallet password after activating the wallet. NSFAS makes it possible to reset your wallet password because you might forget the NSFAS generated password or somebody may get to know your password.

Moreover, it may be that you have your own special password you’ll love to use on your wallet.

Can You Connect NSFAS Wallet To Bank Account?

Yes, you can connect your NSFAS wallet to your bank account. This makes it possible to transfer money from NSFAS wallet to your bank account.

You’ll be able to withdraw physical cash through your bank account when you transfer your allowances to your bank account.

This makes it easy to withdraw physical cash from your NSFAS wallet through your bank account.

What Do I Use NSFAS Wallet For?

NSFAS disburses allowances of students who are approved for funding into their e-wallets. This means, without your NSAFA wallet, you cannot receive your NSFAS allowances even if you’re approved to receive funding.

It is, therefore, very important for every student who is an approved beneficiary to create an NSFAS wallet.

Can I Use NSFAS Wallet To Buy?

Yes, you can use your wallet to purchase anything you want at all NSFAS approved stores. You can spend your NSFAS allowances on anything you want once your allowances are disbursed into your wallet.

But remember you’ll have to create a voucher whenever you want to purchase with your NSFAS ewallet.

We advice you to spend your allowances wisely even though you have the total control over your own money.

Can Someone Login My NSFAS Wallet?

Yes, someone can login to your wallet if they have your NSFAS wallet password and can spend your allowances. It is therefore important to keep your password strong and safe to yourself.

However, you can also share your password with the person you trust. Even in such cases, we advise you to change your password immediately after the person has finished using the wallet for the purpose you shared the password with.

Do I Have To Change My NSFAS Wallet?

No, you don’t need multiple NSFAS wallets and you cannot create more wallets. You only have to create one wallet for your NSFAS allowances.

However, you can change your wallet login details whenever you think the wallet is at risk.

We also recommend that you read How Do I Activate NSFAS OTP Number for the in-depth step-by-step process to activate your OTP number in case you want to change your NSFAS login details.

We do hope this article on how do I activate NSFAS ewallet was helpful?

You can ask your questions in the comment section.

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Zamani Miya April 8, 2022 - 4:36 am

You do not have enough transaction for this fund sorry but I get the asms to attivate.

Universityonlineapplication April 8, 2022 - 12:26 pm

If you have activated your NSFAS E-Wallet, you’ll have to wait for NSFAS to send your allowances into your wallet before you can use the funds for transactions.

If there are no funds in your wallet, you cannot use the wallet.

Ernest motabogi March 17, 2022 - 6:56 am

Ssud codes of nsfas wallet are all not supported in my phone

Universityonlineapplication March 17, 2022 - 7:37 am

The codes should be working on all kinds of phones. Make sure you’re using the same phone number you used in your MyNSFAS account.


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