Do Permanent Residents Qualify For NSFAS 2023

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do permanent residents qualify for nsfas

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Do permanent residents qualify for NSFAS? This is one of the frequently asked questions by students who want to apply for the NSFAS funding especially those of permanent residents.

Are you a permanent resident in South Africa who is enrolling for a university or TVET college to study and you want to know the answer to does NSFAS funds permanent residents?

Or you’re not a citizen of South Africa but with a permanent residence permit and you want to know if you’re eligible to apply for NSFAS and get funded?

Well, your questions are answered in this post and you should just read the article.

In this article, we’re answering the question doe permanent residents qualify for NSFAS?

We’ll also look at other related questions as to does NSFAS funds permanent residents or not?

So, let’s go straight to the topical questions.

Do Permanent Residents Qualify For NSFAS?

Yes, permanent residents qualify for NSFAS funding. However, students who are applying for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme as permanent residents must meet all the requirements for the NSFAS funding.

We recommend that you read Requirements For NSFAS Funding for detailed information on the requirements that students must meet to be eligible for NSFAS funding.

Previously, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme was for only South African Citizens.

But the decision of including permanent residents was made by the scheme to fund permanent resident holders who are admitted to study in any of the 26 public universities and the 50 TVET Colleges.

Permanent Residents are eligible for NSFAS but must meet all the requirements of the scheme in order to be funded.

Now that we know the answer to the question of are permanent residents eligible for NSFAS, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions related to the question will NSFAS fund permanent residents.

Does NSFAS Fund Foreigners?

No, NSFAS does not fund foreigners. However, foreigners with permanent residence permits who have been admitted into a university or TVET college can be funded by NSFAS.

This means a foreigner can only get NSFAS funding for his or her education if he or she has a permanent residence permit.

NSFAS does not fund foreigners in general unless the person has permanent residence permit.

Does Permanent Residents Get Full NSFAS Package?

Yes, permanent residents who have applied and have been approved for NSFAS funding will benefit from all the NSFAS packages like other students who are funded by NSFAS.

NSFAS will cover all tuition fees, accommodation, and personal allowances of permanent resident students who have gotten approval for NSFAS funding.

NSFAS does not discriminate once a student is approved for funding. It doesn’t matter if the student is a South African or a foreigner with a permanent residence.

Does NSFAS Funds All Qualification For Permanent Residents?

No, NSFAS in general funds only your first undergraduate qualification and that applies to permanent residents as well.

NSFAS does not fund second degrees, short courses, part-time courses, or postgraduate qualifications.

NSFAS funds only first undergradute qualification like diploma and first degree.

What Supporting Documents Do Permanents Residents Need For NSFAS?

Below are the documents that permanent resident students will need for the NSFAS Online Application.

  1. Identification Documents (ID)
  2. Cell Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Household Income must not exceed R350 000 per year
  5. Person living with disability household income must not exceed R600 00 per year and will also need to sign a Disability Annexure Forms. etc

That is why we have a full article on Who Qualifies For NSFAS Funding? and you should read it for a detailed understanding.

Do NSFAS Fund Permanent Residents Returning Students?

Yes, permanent residents who are returning students will be funded by NSFAS if they qualify and also apply for the funding.

Moreover, you should know How Does NSFAS Work For Returning Students for in-depth understanding.

You should know is the webpage for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme.

We do hope this article on do permanent residents qualify for NSFAS was helpful.

You can ask your question in the comment section.

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