Why Is My NSFAS Wallet Locked? (2023) – Solved

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 10:08 am

Why is my NSFAS Wallet Locked? This is one of the frequently asked questions by students who are denied access to their NSFAS wallets. They turn to ask why their NSFAS Wallet is locked.

Are you trying to log into your NSFAS Wallet and you’re receiving a message that your wallet is locked?

Do you want to withdraw your allowances and you can’t access your wallet because your NSFAS Wallet is locked and do you want to know why?

In this article, we’re explaining why your NSFAS Wallet is locked, how to unlock it, and how to keep your wallet safe from future risks.

So, let’s jump right into the topic of why is your NSFAS Wallet locked?

Why Is My NSFAS Wallet Locked?

Your NSFAS Wallet is locked because you entered the wrong login credentials three (3) times. When the NSFAS system detects that you have typed in the wrong login details, it will automatically block your NSFAS wallet.

The NSFAS system is smart to know when the wrong password is entered and it considers that as phishing activity is being carried on in your wallet and so, it will block the person.

It could be that you’re the one who mistakenly entered the wrong login credentials into your own NSFAS wallet; thus your password or username or both.

On the other hand, it could be that somebody is trying to access your wallet and since the person doesn’t have the correct login data, they may type in the wrong password or username or both and your wallet will be blocked.

The NSFAS system cannot detect if it is you or somebody who entered the wrong login credentials and so, it will lock it immediatly on the third count of typing in the wrong credentials.


Why NSFAS Locks Your Wallet If You Enter Wrong Password

To the NSFAS system, once the wrong password is entered three (3) times, it thinks the person behind it is not you. It will therefore lock the wallet to prevent the person from getting access to your wallet.

More also, the system thinks it’s protecting your allowances from outsiders who may be trying to withdraw your money from your NSFAS wallet.

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The NSFAS system automatically locking your wallet is a high-security measure to prevent fraudsters from getting access to your wallet to withdraw your allowances.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your NSFAS Wallet Lock?

Your NSFAS wallet is blocked immediately when the wrong password is entered three (3) times when trying to log in to access your wallet.

You’ll receive the message as soon as your NSFAS wallet is blocked.

why your nsfas is locked
Why Your NSFAS Is Locked

How To Prevent NSFAS Wallet From Locking?

In order to avoid getting your NSFAS Wallet getting locked, you should be able to memorize your NSFAS wallet password.

Also, you can save your NSFAS Wallet login information onto your device so that you can easily collect it whenever you are logging in to withdraw your allowances.

Again, you should not share your NSFAS wallet login data with anyone. This is because they can change your login credentials and reset them to their own.

When such action is taken against you, you’ll be denied access into your own NSFAS wallet and your account will be locked once you try on the third count to access your wallet.

Do not share your NSFAS Wallet password so that you keep it safe.


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Creating your voucher wrongly will also lead to getting your wallet blocked.

How Do You Unlock NSFAS Wallet?

After your NSFAS Wallet is locked, the only option is to unlock it. That is why we have published a full guide to the process to unblock your locked NSFAS Wallet.

We recommend that you read How To Unlock NSFAS Wallet for the detailed step-by-step guide to getting your NSFAS back when it is blocked.

Remember www.nsfas.org.za is NSFAS webpage.

We do hope this article on why is my NSFAS wallet locked was helpful?

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