UNISA Nursing Bridging Course (2023) – Complete Guide

UNISA nursing bridging course are available for all interested students who want to study nursing at the University of South Africa.

In this article, we’re showing you the University of South Africa nursing bridging courses and you’ll know everything about UNISA bridging nursing course.

UNISA Nursing Bridging Course

The following are the unisa nursing bridging course for nursing.

1st Level bridging Course at UNISA For Nursing

  • CMH1501 – Comprehensive Primary Health Care I
  • CMH1502 – Comprehensive Primary Health Care II
  • CMH1503 – Health and the Environment
  • ENG1503 – Academic Language and Literacy in English
  • HMA1501 – Planning and Organizing in Health Services Management
  • HMA1502 – Leading and Control in Health Services Management
  • HSE1501 – Contextualization of Health Sciences Education
  • HSE1502 – Principles of Health Sciences and Education

2nd Level bridging courses for nursing at unisa

  • CMH2601 – Community Health Practical
  • CMH2602 – Health in Communities
  • COM2603 – Intercultural, Development and Health Communication
  • HMA2601 – Human Resource Management in Health Services
  • HMA2602 – Labour Relations in Health Services
  • HMA2603 – Health Services Management Practical
  • HSE2601 – Education Management in Health Sciences
  • HSE2602 – Teaching and Assessment in Health Sciences
  • HSE2603 – Health Sciences Education: Practical
  • NUD2601 – Nursing Dynamics
  • PUB2604 – Welfare and Social Services
  • RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

3rd Level UNISA Nursing Bridging Courses

  • CMH3701 – Basic Epidemiology in Health Sciences
  • HMA3701 – Financial Management in Health Services
  • HMA3702 – Quality in Health Services Management
  • HMA3703 – Leadership in Health Services Management
  • HMA3704 – Contemporary Issues In Health Services Management
  • HSE3701 – Cultural Diverse Education in Health Education
  • HSE3702 – Contemporary Trends in Health Sciences Education
  • HSE3703 – Developing Health Science Curricula: Foundations
  • HSE3704 – Developing Health Science Curricula: Principles and Process
  • HSE3705 – The Caring Ethics in Health Sciences

These are the bridging courses offered at UNISA for prospective students who want to study bridging nursing courses at UNISA.

What Is UNISA Nursing Bridging Course?

UNISA nursing bridging courses are intensive short nursing courses for high school students who want to study nursing at UNISA.

When you want to study nursing for a degree but you do not meet the UNISA Nursing Course Requirements for admission, you can opt to study the bridging nursing course at UNISA so that you can further to study Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science at UNISA.

Does UNISA Offer Bridging Course For Nursing?

Yes, the University of South Africa offers bridging course for nursing.

Students who want to study Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science but do not meet the admission requirement can choose to study the nursing bridging courses.

Who Qualify For UNISA Nursing Bridging Course?

All prospective students who meet the requirements for UNISA bridging courses qualify to apply to study the program.

What Qualification Do You Get For UNISA Bridging Nursing Course?

You get a diploma certificate when you study bridging nursing course at UNISA.

The University of South Africa Nursing Bridging course is a Diploma in General Nursing Science.

You should read How To Apply For Nursing At UNISA to apply for nursing at the University of South Africa.

Why Study Bridging Nursing Courses At UNISA?

1. You get accreditation for nursing
2. UNISA Nursing School has competent professional educators,
3. UNISA nursing school has a well-equipped laboratory for clinical skills and practicals before you finished the courses for the working environment.

We do hope this article on UNISA nursing bridging courses was helpful.

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