List Of UNISA Short Courses In Teaching 2023-2024

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The University of South Africa offers Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) for students. Among the courses includes the UNISA short courses in teaching.

Prospective students who are interested in studying short courses in teaching and intend to get admission into the College of Education at UNISA have the opportunity to get the qualification.

So, in this article, you’re going to know all the teaching short courses at UNISA that you can read to become a qualified teacher and a professional one.

The University of South Africa offers a range of courses in teaching in its college of education.

We should, therefore, get to the short courses right away.

Here Are UNISA Short Courses In Teaching

  1. Short Course in Integrating and Communication and Technology in teaching and learning (76936)
  2. Short Course in Mentoring, Guidance and Support of Teachers and Trainers (71013)
  3. Short Course in Moderation of assessments (76951)
  4. Short Course in Norms and Standards in Early Childhood Education (76949)
  5. Short Course in Multigrade Teaching Methodologies and Assessments in Schools (76816)
  6. Short Course in Student Support and Academic Development (76933)
  7. Short Course in Teaching Accounting in Further Education and Training (FET) Phase (77027)
  8. Short Course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Sciences Grade 10-12 (76952)
  9. Short Course in Teaching Methodologies in Education (76981)
  10. Short Course in Support of Children at Risk (76977)
  11. Short Course in Youth Entrepreneurial Education (77009)

Workshop/Seminar In Teaching At UNISA

  1. Workshop in Online Curriculum Delivery Support for FET Teachers (77082).

If you’re students who want to be a teacher but want to study a short course in teaching, then you can choose any of the courses at the University of South Africa to pursue your teaching career.

How Long Does UNISA Short Course In Teaching Take?

It takes three to six months to complete a short course in teaching at the University of South Africa.

Unlike a degree which may take four years to complete the course, you’ll finish with your qualification as early as 3-6 months when you do the short course in teaching.

How Many Modules Do You Choose In UNISA Short Courses In Teaching?

With the short courses in teaching at UNISA, students will choose at least one to three modules.

With this, you’ll have to complete all the modules you choose before you can graduate from the course.

Is UNISA Short Course In Teaching A Certificate?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate in teaching when you complete a teaching short course at the University of South Africa.

Again, short courses in teaching at the university are not a diploma, advanced diploma, or degree qualification but a certificate.

Is UNISA Teaching Short Courses Accredited?

Yes, short courses at unisa in teaching are accredited. The Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) is the body under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) that ensures that all providers of education and training offering full qualification are registered with the Department of Education.

This means UNISA has registered with the Department of Education as a provider of education and training in education and is accredited to offer full qualification to students who study teaching courses.

Therefore, your certificate in teaching from UNISA is accepted by the Department of Education and so, you become a qualified teacher to teach in South Africa with your short course certificate in teaching.

For more clarity on this, you should read How To Become A Teacher In South Africa? so that you get a deeper understanding of how teaching works in the country.

How Do Short Courses In Teaching At UNISA Works?

UNISA teaching short courses are one of the university’s Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) courses aimed at introductory, practical, and non-degree programmes meant to impact skills and knowledge in students who want to become teachers and teach in various schools.

The SPLs are intended to broaden the student’s skills and knowledge in a specific area of study by covering fundamental key concepts; in this case, in the teaching field of study.

So, when you do short courses in teaching, you’re aiming at acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge through theoretical and practical training to become a professional teacher.

Is UNISA Short Courses In Teaching Good?

The University of South Africa is one of the top universities in the country and Africa at large.

The institution offers local and internationally recognized courses and is highly competitive with international universities as such.

Reading a short course in teaching at university will be one of the best academic career decisions you could make.

Since the courses are accredited by the Department of Education, you stand the chance to benefit from it with the certificate qualification you get to make you become a teacher in South Africa.

Can You Teach With A Short Course In Teaching Certificate From UNISA?

Although you can teach with a certificate in teaching, you will be limited as to the level of the grade you’ll be able to teach.

With the UNISA short courses in education, you can teach at the General Education and Training (GET) level.

How Long Is Grade R Teaching At UNISA?

It usually takes 3 weeks of teaching practice in Grade R class to provide you with the necessary experience to become familiar with classroom practices in Grade R.

This prepares you as a prospective teacher with the chance to establish an appropriate teacher-learning relationship.

In conclusion, the University of South Africa (UNISA) offers short courses in education for students who are interested in becoming a teacher but want a certificate in teaching within the span of 3-6 months.

With a certificate in teaching, you can teach at the General Education and Training (GET) level as you study to further your teaching qualification for either a diploma or degree in teaching.

The University of South Africa is notable for its comprehensive and competitive courses that meet international universities’ standards, and getting a certificate in teaching from there is a good academic career achievement.

You should therefore not hesitate to apply for study admission to read the short courses in teaching there.

To apply online, use the UNISA Short Courses Application instructions to apply for study admission.

You can choose from the many short courses in the teaching field under the college of education at UNISA as well.

You can also ask your question in the comment. below

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