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The University of Johannesburg has opened the UJ online registration 2022 for the 2022 academic year enrollment. Both new students and continuing students can begin to register to enroll for this academic year.

In this article, we’re showing you how to register at UJ online, the UJ online registration guide, UJ registration 2022 opening date, UJ registration 2022 closing date, etc.

We’ll also know the answer to how much is UJ registration fees 2022, is UJ registration open for 2022? etc.

Again, we’ll answer other related frequently asked questions about the University of Johannesburg Online Registration.

So let’s dive right into the topic.

UJ Online Registration 2022

The Administrative Board of the University of Johannesburg has opened its registration for students to begin their registration for the 2022 academic year.

The UJ registration is open for first-year undergraduate students, returning undergraduate students, first-year postgraduate students, and returning postgraduate students.

This means all students under various qualifications who have been given an admission space to study at the University of Johannesburg can register.

UJ Online Registration 2022 Opening Date

The University of Johannesburg registration opening date for 2022 is 17 January 2022.

Students are to note that they can only begin to register when the registration date is opened.

UJ Online Registration 2022 Closing Date

The University of Johannesburg registration for the 2022 academic year will close on 11 February 2022.

UJ Registration Opening DateUJ Registration Closing Date
17 January 202211 February 2022
UJ Registration Dates Table

Students are advised to regisiter as soon as possible before registration deadline.


How To Register At UJ Online

  1. Log onto your UJ Student Portal via www.ulink.uj.ac.za
  2. Click on CLASSES tab and
  3. Click on My Registration
  4. Click on I Accept to accept the POPIA regulations (upload required documents)
  5. Clcik on Registration Verification
  6. Click on Submit Payment to make payments
  7. Accept Academic Registation Rules
  8. Click on Submit Registation
uj online registration guide
UJ Online registration full guide

If you are under the age of 18 on the day you register, you and your parent/guardian should sign the Academic Registration Rules Regulations and Indemnity and send the completed form to the Student Enrolment Centre at biographics@uj.ac.za before you will be able to register. Please follow this link to access the form: DOWNLOAD NOW

Now, let’s see some of the related questions to UJ registration.

Is UJ Registration Open For 2022?

Yes, the University of Johannesburg registration is open from 17 January 2022 and will close on 11 February 2022.

You should register before the registrations close.

What happens After Registration At UJ?

You’ll be able to enroll to study your qualification for the academic year. However, you’ll be required to provide your Covid-19 vaccination status for verification purposes before you can go to school.

Will You Pay UJ Registration Fee For 2022?

Yes, students will have to pay a registration fee when registering to enroll for the 2022 academic year.

You can pay the registration fee online during the application process or you can pay at the school if you do the on-campus registration.

How Much Is The Registration Fee For UJ 2022?

Below are the payments modules for the University of Johannesburg.

  • All students, including students whose fees are paid by sponsors or employers, are required to pay the following minimum amounts in order to register:
  • Day students (tuition fees) – All students not residing in the residences – R3 870.00
  • Residence students (tuition fees and residence deposit) – Only students with acceptance letters
  • from residences – R6 470.00
  • Residence students who are provisionally selected/waiting for a space in residence only pay: R3 870.00

You cannot complete your registration without paying the registration fee.


Does NSFAS Pay Registration Fee At UJ?

Yes, NSFAS pays registration fees including tuition fees for UJ students who have applied and gotten approved for funding.

Students at the University of Johannesburg enjoy all NSFAS packages if they have been approved to be funded.

You can apply for NSFAS from here NSFAS Online Application to get NSFAS funding to study at the University of Johannesburg.

Can I Register At UJ Without Paying Registration Fee?

No, you cannot register at UJ if you do not pay your registration fee. All students must pay their respective registration fees before they can complete their registration at UJ.

We do hope this article on the University of Johannesburg online registration was helpful?

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