How To Check CUT Application Status (2023) – Complete Guide

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how to check cut application status

Have you applied for admission at Central University of Technology and you’re asking how to check CUT application status?

Do you want to know how to track CUT application status after you have successfully submitted your application and waiting for a response from the Central University of Technology (CUT)?

Checking your CUT admission status helps you to know the progress of your application and you’ll get to know if your application is considered or denied for study admission at CUT.

So, we do encourage all prospective students who are waiting for response from the Central University of Technology admission board to perform the CUT application status check.

We are therefore, taking you through the step-by-step complete process on how to check CUT admission status.

We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about CUT application status check 2023. Therefore, let’s get started with the topics.

How To Check CUT Application Status 2023

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your ID or Passport number
  3. Click Check
  4. You will be able to view your CUT application status.
how to track cut application status
how to track cut application status

How Long Does It Take To Be Accepted At CUT?

The Central University of Technology (CUT) usually responds to applications 4 to 6 weeks period from the date you successfully submitted your application.

This means you can start to check your CUT application status 4-6 weeks after you applied for a study admission space at the Central University of Technology.

According to CUT, the responses take longer because they have to manually process all applicantions before responding to them.

What Does No Decision Mean At CUT Application Status Check?

This means, your application is not considered for study admission space at the Central University of Technology.

Again, CUT did not give you admission into the university for your chosen program.

This could be that your Grade 12 results is not competitive enough to get you admission, or you did not meet the minimum requirements for your chosen program, and or, there’s literally no admission space to accommodate you for the academic year.

What Does Application Without Status Mean At CUT?

This means your application has not been fully processed yet. Again, the Central University of Technology (CUT) has not finalized your application to give you a status on whether you are given admission or your application is rejected.

What Does Waiting List Mean At CUT?

The CUT application status check waiting list means, you’re placed within a “holding pattern” and the admission committee may not admit students on the waiting list.

Also, this means your admission at CUT is on a scale of 50-50, meaning you may or may not be admitted to study at the Central University of Technology.

How Do I Know I Am Accepted At CUT?

First, to know that you’re accepted at the CUT, you can check your Central University of Technology (CUT) application status on the university’s website.

By performing a CUT application status check online, you’ll be able to view your application progress and know if you’re given study admission or not.

Second, you can check from your email. CUT usually send an email to inform you that your application is considered and you’re given admission space to study at CUT.

You’ll then have to accept the admission offer and register to enroll for studies.

How To Track CUT Application Status

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