Do You Get Paid When Doing A Learnership? – Easy Guide

Do you get paid when doing a learnership? This is one of the frequently asked questions by people who want to apply for a learnership program.

Yes, learnership is important, but do you get paid when you register to do a learnership or all the costs you’ll incur is on you?

Again, do you pay for your own transportation when doing a learnership? These and many other questions are mostly asked by people who want to register to do a learnership.

So, in this article, we’re going to give you a detailed explanation of how learnership works in terms of payment and whether do you get paid for a learnership or not.

We should therefore get started with the topics.

Do You Get Paid When Doing A Learnership?

No, you do not get paid a salary as a leaner. However, you receive allowances for transportation and food. The allowances you receive from doing a learnership are called stipends.

Again, learnership allowances are not considered salaries that you’re entitled to on a monthly basis but they are stipends that you get paid either weekly or monthly and sometimes annually depending on the agreement.

You only receive allowances for transportation and meals when doing a learnership which is called stipends but not salary.

Now that you know that you do not get paid for doing learnership, let’s look at other frequently asked questions related to do you get paid when doing a learnership?

How Much Do You Get Paid For Doing A Learnership?

The payment structure of learnerships is controlled by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

The sector makes sure that learners who are doing learnerships are treated well and not taken advantage of although, the program benefits you the learner as you are equipping yourself with skills and knowledge for the job market.

We do recommend that you read How Much Do You Get Paid For A Learnership? for the detailed breakdown of the allowances you get paid as a learner when doing a leadership.

Do All Learnership Pay Stipend?

Yes, almost all companies or businesses that run learnership programs pay stipends to the learner.

The company pays for the cost of the learnership training to the training providers and also pays stipends to you the learner.

In effect, you as the learner benefit the most because you do not incur any cost for the learnership as you’re given allowances and the program cost is covered by the company.

All that you’re expected of is to perform well in the learnership program and eventually get employed for that skillset or knowledge.

That is why we encourage everyone to at least, register to get a learnership to secure a job in this highly competitive job market of South Africa.

You should read How To Apply For Learnership Online to apply to register for learnership for your own good.

Is Learnership Stipend Paid Monthly?

No, learnership stipends are not necessarily paid monthly. You can be paid for a learnership stipend weekly, monthly, or yearly.

However, learnership stipends are usually paid as often as an employee’s salary.

This helps the learner to be financially capable to go through the learnership program and complete it successfully.

How Can I Get A Learnership?

Getting a learnership is easy. You don’t have to go through any difficult process either searching for a learnership program or registering for one.

You have to register as a work-seeker on the labor department website so that companies that are offering learnerships will find you.

For a detailed guide on getting a learnership, you should read How Do You Get A Learnership? for further explanation and instructions to get a better learnership program that will help you secure a good job after finishing the program. is the webpage for the Labour Department in charge of labor in South Africa.

We do hope this article on do you get paid when doing a learnership was helpful?

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