How Much Do You Get Paid For A Learnership? – Easy Guide

Have you applied for a learnership and would want to know how much do you get paid for a learnership.

Has a company or an employer offered you a leadership opportunity and you want to know the amount of payment you’ll get for the learnership?

Do you want to register for a learnership to earn some stipends but want to know how much will you get paid for a learnership?

Well, a lot of people will like to accept a learnership offer but on the second thought, they ask many questions like, do you get paid for learnership, how much do you earn on a learnership, how much does learnership pay in South Africa, etc.

So, in this article, we’re walking you through and providing you the answer with a detailed explanation of the question of how much do you get paid for a learnership.

We should, therefore, stick to the topics right away.

How Much Do You Get Paid For A Learnership?

Learnership payment ranges between R80K per year and R280K per year for people with more than 20 years of experience. This means you will get paid around R6.6K monthly and R23K monthly for a learnership for those with 20 years of experience.

Surely, this is a good payment for a learnership program where you’re learning so much to equip yourself with both theoretical and practical knowledge of a skill set that will make getting employment much easier for you.

Learnership payments are not salaries but are considered as allowances, usually termed as stipends.

So, how much do you get paid for a learnership? The answer is around R80K and R280K per year and approximately R6.6K and R23K per month.

Do You Get Paid For A Learnership?

Yes, you get paid for a learnership. However, your learnership payment is not a salary but an allowance called stipends.

Again, when doing a learnership, you are not considered an employee for the company but training to acquire the knowledge and skill set for the job or learnership program.

Therefore, you’re not legally paid a salary.

However, the employer or the company offering you the learnership is obliged to pay you allowances called stipends.

And when you complete the learnership with good credit, the chances of getting employed are much higher.

Moreover, approximately, 80% of people who complete a learnership get employed with good-paying salaries.

Do Learnerships Pay Stipend?

Yes, learnerships pay stipends to the people who are doing the learnership.

What you get paid for a learnership is not necessarily a salary but allowances called stipends.

So depending on the learnership agreement that you signed between you and the company or the employer, you may get paid for a learnership weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Again, the payment you get from a learnership is what is called stipends.

These stipends are to cover your transport and food expenses and other basic expenses to help you through the learnership to complete the program.

How Much Do You Earn On A Learnership?

Generally, the amount varies depending on the agreement you enter with the company or the employer that is offering you the learnership.

The employer or the company will not over budget for the learnership it offers but rather will pay you the stipends they can afford.

So, your earnings from a learnership may depend on how much stipends you’ll get paid for the learnership either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

However, it is approximated that you can earn around R2K as stipends from a learnership and the total cost that your employer or company may cover for your learnership could be around R45.5K.

Do Learnerships Pay UIF?

Yes, learnerships pay UIF, which is the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Learners will pay 1% of their learnership stipends that are paid to them from the learnership as UIF.

How Much Does A Learnership Pay In South Africa?

Different companies and or employers pay different amounts for a learnership in South Africa.

Nonetheless, the average learnership payment that a learner gets paid for a learnership ranges from R154 per hour and R300 000 per year.

An entry-level position that a learner can get paid for a learnership can start from R142 260 per year while those with experience can get paid for a learnership with an amount of R3 000 600 per year according to

Apply For A Learnership?

Now that you know the answer to how much do you get paid for a learnership, it’s time to apply for a learnership because it’s highly beneficial when you’re building yourself with the needed skills and experience for the already job market and getting paid for the learning.

We do recommend that you read How To Apply For Learnership Online for the step-by-step guide to applying for a learnership online successfully. is the webpage for the South African Employment and Labour Department.

We do hope this article on how much do you get paid for a learnership was helpful?

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