Can I Do Two Learnerships? – Easy Guide

Can I do two learnerships, or can I do 2 learnership is one of the frequently asked questions by people who want to apply to enroll in a learnership program?

So, are you planning on doing leanership and wondering if you can do two learnerships at the same time? Do you want to do 2 learnerships?

Well, you’ve come to the right page for the answers.

In this article, we’re going to answer the question of can you do two learnerships or can you do 2 learnerships as some people phrase the question.

It is a straight and simple answer so let’s go straight to it.

Can I Do Two Learnerships?

No, you cannot do two learnerships at the same time. This means you cannot register two learnerships at a time. If you plan on applying to do a learnership, you’ll have to choose the best learnership program you prefer and suits your goal for the learnership.

Other than that, there’s no way that you can register or do 2 learnerships at the same time.

So, whenever you are registering for a learnership, you should consider the skills and knowledge you want to acquire for the particular job.

This will help you to consider your options since you can only do one learnership at a time.

Why Can’t I Do Two Learnerships?

You cannot do two learnerships because each learnership is registered by the employer with SARS and Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA). The employer will receive tax rebates and BEE points.

So the answer to the question of whether can I do 2 learnership is no and you’ll have to do only one at a time.

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Can I Do Learnership While Studying?

No, it’s not possible to do a learnership while you’re studying. This is because you’ll have to take long hours of classes to study at a college or training center for the classroom-based learning of the learnership program.

So, it will be very difficult to do learnership while studying a full-time course at a university or TVET college.

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