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UNISA Online Registration 2022 is open. Applicants who were given study admission for the 2022 academic year can register to enroll in their programs.

In this article, we’re discussing Unisa registration opening date, Unisa registration closing date, how to register at Unisa online, and Unisa Registration 2022.

Again, we’ll look at Unisa Undergraduate Registration 2022 and Unisa Postgraduate Registration 2022.

We’ll also look at other related questions to the University of South Africa Online Registration for the 2022 academic year.

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UNISA Online Registration 2022

The Admission Board of UNISA has opened the University of South Africa Registration 2022. applicants whose application for study admission was approved can begin to register for their respective programs to enroll in the 2022 admission batch.

The registrations are for both new applicants and returning students who want to register for new qualifications.

Applicants can only register if their application were accepted and offered placement to study at UNISA if the applicant accepted the offer admission offer.


How To Register At UNISA 2022

Follow the below registration guide to register at the University of South Africa online.

  1. Go to www.unisa.ac.za
  2. Click on Register To Study Through UNISA
  3. Select your qualification and choose your modules
  4. Calculate your study and other fees
  5. Complete the registration form and submit your registration
  6. Pay your study fees
  7. You’ll receive a confirmation of your registration (It may take a little time)
  8. Create your myUNISA Student Portal Account after you receive your registration confirmation
  9. Enroll to study at UNISA for the 2022 academic year.

UNISA Registration 2022 Opening Date

The registration date for the 2022 academic year at the University of South Africa opens on 4 January 2022. Applicants are encouraged to register as soon as possible once they have accepted the offer to study at UNISA.

UNISA Registration 2022 Closing Date

The registration date for the 2022 academic year at the University of South Africa closes on 24 January 2022. Applicants cannot register after the registration deadline.

4 January 202224 January 2022
UNISA 2022 Registration Dates

UNISA Masters And Doctoral Registration Date

The masters and doctoral registration dates are different from the other qualifications. Below are the opening and closing dates for UNISA Masters and Doctoral Programs registration for 2022.

Registration Opening DateRegistration Closing Date
4 January 202230 April 2022
UNISA Masters and Doctoral 2022 Registration Dates

Now, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about the 2022 Unisa Registration.

Is UNISA Registration Open For 2022?

Yes, registration for studies at the University of South Africa for the 2022 academic year is open. The registration opens on 4 January 2022. New applicants can begin to register for enrollment.

Also, returning students who want to register for different programs can register when the registration date for their programs are open

What Is The Closing Date For Registration At Unisa for 2022?

Registration at Unisa for the 2022 academic year will close on 24 January 2022 (for a certificate, diploma, and degree programs) and master and doctoral programs registration will close on 30 April 2022.

Can You Change Registration At UNISA?

Yes, you can change your registration even after you have submitted your registration. However, changing registration is limited to these factors;

  • Adding modules
  • Cancelling modules
  • Changing address or telephone number

We advised you to not change anything if the change is not in the any of the factors stated.


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