Full Lists Of UIF Benefits (2022)

Are you familiar with the list of UIF benefits for South Africans? Did you know that there are six (6) Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits currently available for employees?

The South African government, through the Department of Labour in charge of the UIF Services currently has 6 UIF benefits that registered employees can claim for relief when their employment status changes.

It is, therefore, encouraging for both employers and employees to register for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) so that, they can claim their benefits in a time of need.

That is why we do recommend that you read How To Apply For UIF Online for the complete guide on registering for the UIF.

So, what are UIF benefits that you can claim? This is what we’re going to take you through in this article.

We should, therefore, go straight to the topics.

List of UIF Benefits

As an employee or employer who has registered for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), there are 6 benefits that you can claim under UIF. These are

1. Unemployment UIF Benefit

With the unemployment benefits, you can claim UIF when you lost your job. When claiming, you’ll need to provide details to prove that you are seeking work and have registered with the Department of Labour as a work-seeker.

This UIF benefit helps you with financial support in the short term as you continue to search for a job or employment.

2. Illness UIF Benefit

When you fall ill to the extent that you cannot work for a certain period, you can claim illness UIF benefit. With this UIF benefit, you will have to prove with medical certification that confirms that you cannot go to work due to your illness.

Also, you will provide a statement of how much you receive from your employer during the time you’re ill.

3. Maternity UIF Benefit

You can claim maternity benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) when you’re on maternity leave.

With this, you’ll prove with a statement how much you received from your employer during your maternity leave.

Also, proof with medical certification confirming the birth of your child.

4. Adoption UIF Benefit

You can claim an adoption UIF benefit if you’re registered for the Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF).

When claiming adoption benefit, you’ll give proof of the court order that states the legality of the adoption, provide an accomplished UI.2.4 form, and also, a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Again, you’ll show how much you received from your employer during your adoption leave.

5. UIF Dependant Benefits (spouse or partner)

UIF beneficiaries can claim dependant benefits off their spouse or partner in case they lose their spouse or partner.

When claiming UIF dependant benefits of your spouse or partner, you’ll provide your marriage certificate, death certificate of your spouse or partner, and accomplished UI2.5 Forms.

Also, you’ll provide certified copies of ID book or passport of your deceased spouse or partner.

6. UIF Dependant Benefits (guardian or deceased breadwinner)

When claiming the UIF dependant benefit of a guardian or deceased breadwinner, you’ll provide a copy of the breadwinner’s death certificate, proof of guardianship, and accomplished UI.2.6 Forms.

Again, you will provide proof that the child is heavily dependent on the deceased breadwinner and also certified copies of ID book or passport of the deceased, the child, and the guardian.

So, if you have been asking for the various types of UIF benefits or the four types of uif benefits, then you now know them.

What Is Unemployment Insurance Fund?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is a financial relief program set up by the South African government to help those who have lost their jobs under specific circumstances.

The insurance fund is to provide short-term relief to employees who will claim UIF benefits due to loss of job and will need financial support.

We do recommend that you read How To Claim UIF Online for the process to successfully claim your UIF benefits.

We also do hope this article on lists of Unemployment Insurance benefits, UIF benefits, or benefits of UIF or types of uif benefits was helpful.

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