How To Deregister UIF – Complete Guide

Do you want to deregister your Unemployment Insurance Fund and you’re asking how to deregister UIF? Can you deregister UIF, where do you deregister UIF, and how can you deregister UIF?

Sometimes, you might want to de-register your UIF for a reason. But the question that many employees who have registered UIF but want to cancel it ask is, how do I deregister UIF?

Deregistering UIF takes a process. However, it’s not difficult if you know how to do it and how the process works.

So, in this article, we’re going to take you through the step-by-step deregistration process to help you de-register your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

Again, we also advise employees to make clear consideration of their decision to deregister their Unemployment Insurance Fund.

This means you should have convincing reasons before you can cancel your UIF. For example, if you want to apply for SASSA R350 Grant.

We do recommend that you read How To Cancel UIF For SASSA R350 Grant for the process if you want to qualify for the SRD R350 grant by canceling your UIF.

Now, let’s get to the main topic of how to deregister Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

How To Deregister UIF

  1. Fill out the UI-19 forms
  2. Submit the forms to UIF
  3. Contact UIF to confirm if your form is received and your UIF is deregistered
  4. UIF will give you feedback on your UIF deregistration status.

Fill UI-19 Forms To De-Register UIF

As an employer, if you want to de-register UIF for your worker(s), you’ll have to fill out the UI-19 Forms. This is the same form you used to register for the UIF.

You will have to indicate why you want to deregister your worker(s) from UIF. Probably the person is no longer working for you.

To register again for the Unemployment Insurance Fund, you should read How To Register For UIF Online for the complete step-by-step process.

Submit UI-19 Forms To UIF To Deregister UIF

After filling out the UIF-19 Forms to deregister your UIF, you will have to submit the forms to UIF requesting to be de-registered from UIF.

You can submit it to the nearest labor center.

Also, you can mail it to;




Again, you can email your UI-19 forms to

Moreover, you can fax your UI-19 forms to (012) 337 1943 to request your UIF deregistration.

Contact UIF For Follow Up of your UIF Deregister Request

After you have submitted your UI-19 forms to the Unemployment Insurance Fund, you should call UIF to do a follow-up.

By calling, you check and confirm that your form is received and you have been deregistered from UIF.

To call the Department of Labour, use the number 012 337 1943.

Also, you’ll need to keep your employer reference number and the date when your workers stopped working and make it available in case UIF asks you for the details.

This is how to de-register UIF.

Moreover, one of the reasons why employees usually want to de-register from UIF is when they are unable to claim their UIF Benefits.

So, we recommend that you read How To Claim UIF Online for the guide to claiming your UIF benefits online.

We do hope this article on how to deregister from UIF was helpful.

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