Can You Apply For SASSA At Any Branch? – Complete Guide

Usually, applicants want to know the answer to the question can you apply for SASSA at any branch? Well, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has made applying for grants easy.

SASSA provides financial assistance to millions of disadvantaged South Africans through social grants.

Currently, there are many social grants that SASSA offers including, SASSA SRD R350, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, War Veterans Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Grant-In-Aid, Old Persons Grant, and Child Support Grant.

If you qualify for any of the above SASSA grants and you’ll want to know if you can apply at any branch, then here are the places you can apply.

The straightforward answer to the question is yes, you can apply for SASSA Grants at any branch of the South African Social Security Agency.

Here Is Where You Can Apply For SASSA Grants

  1. Online
  2. WhatsApp
  3. GovChat
  4. Email
  5. SASSA Office

You can choose any of the application methods to apply for the grant you want.

Also, before you apply, you should make sure that you meet and have the requirements which qualify you for the grant that you want to get.

Moreover, we do recommend that you either choose to go to the nearest SASSA Office to apply or apply online because they are the two SASSA Grant application methods that have proven to be the easiest and fastest.

Again, if you’re too old or sick to travel to the office to apply, you can nominate a family member or a friend to apply on your behalf. With this, you need to provide a letter authorizing the application.

Can I Go To Any SASSA Office To Apply?

Yes, you can go to any SASSA office to apply for a grant. But don’t forget to go with your documents for the grant. See What Documents Do I Need To Apply For SASSA?

Also, you can request a home visit where a SASSA official will come to your house to assist you with the application.

You will be given a SASSA Grant application receipt once you complete the application. You must keep the receipt for future use.

When your application is unsuccessful and you’re denied the grant, SASSA will inform you in writing and explain with reasons your application was declined.

In such a situation, you will have the opportunity to Appeal To SASSA Application in hope that your application will be considered and approved for you to get the grant.

According to SASSA, you have 90 days to appeal for reconsideration from the day your original application was declined.

Do You Pay When You Apply At SASSA Branch?

No, you do not pay an application fee for SASSA application. None of the SASSA application methods require you to pay an application fee. Simply put, the SASSA application is free.

How to apply for SASSA R350 Grant

The South African Social Security Agency will give you more details on the application process. You can visit the nearest office branch or go to their webpage to make inquiries.

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