What Are Benefits Of NSFAS Mastercard?

Do you want to know what are benefits of NSFAS Mastercard are? Firstly, you should know that the NSFAS Mastercard is a new payment system introduced by NSFAS.

Secondly, understand that the NSFAS Mastercard is very important and all NSFAS-funded students must have their NSFAS mastercards.

So, let’s look at the NSFAS Mastercard benefits.

What Are Benefits Of NSFAS Mastercard?

  1. NSFAS allowance payments are made directly via the Mastercard
  2. Banking freedom
  3. Easy to use your NSFAs allowances to make online transactions and payments
  4. NSFAS Mastercard is Pin protected and helps to prevent non-owners to use your card to spend your money
  5. “Tap To Pay” feature and virtual card to make secure payments at merchants
  6. Receive SMS notification each time a transaction is made on the NSFAS Mastercard
  7. Download the card partners’ app to make EFT transactions
  8. Access to value-added services
  9. Value for money-negotiated rates
  10. Students will have total control over their NSFAS allowances once paid to them via Mastercard.

Who Qualifies For NSFAS Mastercard?

Qualified students eligible for the NSFAS Mastercard are those approved to get NSFAS funding.

Therefore, you should know that just applying for the grant alone does not make you eligible for the Mastercard NSFAS unless you’re approved for the funding.

We do recommend that you read How To Apply For NSFAS Online for the step-by-step guide to successfully applying for NSFAS funding.

Can I Buy With NSFAS Mastercard?

Yes, students can buy with the NSFAS Mastercard once there are funds on it. You can use it at merchant stores and shops that accept credit or debit card payments.

How Do I Know I Have Funds On My NSFAS Mastercard?

You will need to check your NSFAS balance to know if you have funds on your NSFAS Mastercard.

You should read How To Check My NSFAS Balance Online to be able to check your NSFAS balance.

These are the NSFAS Mastercard benefits or the benefits of the NSFAS Mastercard, benefits of nsfas mastercards, etc.

We do hope this article on what are the benefits of NSFAS Mastercard was helpful.

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