How To Log Into CPUT Blackboard (2022) – Complete Guide

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All students of Cape Peninsular University of Technology (CPUT) are to know how to log into CPUT blackboard.

The University provides a platform called Blackboard on which all students are able to get access to all the information available for their studies.

However, most students, especially first-year students find it difficult to use the CPUT Blackboard and turn to ask, how do you log into CPUT blackboard, how to access CPUT blackboard login, etc.

So, in this article, you’re going to learn how to login CPUT blackboard.

We should, therefore, get started with the topics.

How To Log Into CPUT Blackboard

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CPUT username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on Sign In
  5. You will be able to log into your CPUT blackboard.

All first-year students will go through training with the Learner Management System (LMS) also known as Myclassroom (CPUT Blackboard).

How Does CPUT Blackboard Work?

With the CPUT My classroom, students and staff members of the Cape Peninsular University of Technology can perform various activities which include;

  • Students will complete an online test and assignment via the CPUT blackboard (Myclassroom)
  • Students can create online group work forums, blogs, and journals on the CPUT blackboard.
  • Students get access to a wide range of online tools and applications on one integrated platform for teaching and learning
  • Students can integrate their social media environment where they have the option to filter information and set privacy settings to make clear distinctions between their personal and academic profiles.
cput myclassroom
cput myclassroom

CPUT MyClassroom

The Cape Peninsular University of Technology (CPUT) is the same as CPUT Blackboard.

The app for lectures is called “Instructor” whiles the one for students is called “Blackboard”.

Can I Log Into CPUT BlackBoard With Third-Party Account?

Both staff members and students can sign into the CPUT blackboard with a third-party account by clicking the option “sign in with a third-party account”.

With this, you can access the blackboard for CPUT with your Office 360 account; thus your CPUT Student Email.

Can I Download CPUT Blackboard On Android AppStore?

Yes, students and staff members can download the Cape Peninsular University of Technology blackboard mobile app from the android AppStore.

Can I Download CPUT Blackboard On Apple AppStore?

Yes, both staff members and students who are using iPhones can download the CPUT blackboard on the Apple AppStore.

Can I Change My CPUT Blackboard Password?

Yes, both students and staff members who have signed onto CPUT Blackboard or CPUT Myclassroom can change their login password.

In general, you can change the login details of your Cape Peninsular University of Technology Blackboard account.

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If you have been asking how to login CPUT blackboard, CPUT BB mobile app download, how do I access blackboard CPUT, how do I change my CPUT blackboard password, or CPUT blackboard login then you have the answers now.

We do hope this article on how to log into cput blackboard, or how to log into CPUT Myclassroom app was helpful.

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Fumani August 25, 2022 - 1:48 am

I want to get the knowledge from your school

Universityonlineapplication August 25, 2022 - 11:03 am

You can go to the university’s website www. cput. ac. za to read more about the school.


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