How Do I Find My NWU Student Number – Easy Guide

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how do I find my nwu student number north-west university

Are you asking how do I find my NWU student number? Have you forgotten your NWU student number and you’re asking how do I find my North-West University student number?

Well, since your North-West University student number is very important for your academic activities and your NWU official documents as a student of the university, you’re advised to consider your student number as a priority.

In case you may have forgotten to put down your NWU student number and you cannot recollect it, or you can’t memorize it on top of your mind, then you should know how to find your NWU student number.

So, in this article, we’re going to show you the process guidelines for finding your North-West University student number.

We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about NWU student numbers. So, let’s get started with the topics.

How Do I Find My NWU Student Number?

Follow the below process to find NWU student number.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Forgotten Unversity Number
  3. Enter your Identity Number
  4. Enter Your Title
  5. Enter Your Initials
  6. Enter Your Surname
  7. Enter Your Date of Birth
  8. Click Next
  9. Enter your email address
  10. Enter your cell phone number
  11. Click Confirm
how to find nwu student number
how to find nwu student number

The North-West University will send you your NWU student number via email and or cell phone number.

Again, if you entered the wrong information details, you’ll be asked to check your information to enter the correct personal details.

You’ll receive the information that reads;

No student information could be found, maybe a wrong value in a field was entered, try again or please contact the Admissions Office of the relevant campus.
forgotten nwu student number
Entering the wrong details to find nwu student number

This is how you find your North-West University Number via the “Forgotten NWU student number” option to get your university number back.

How Do I Find My NWU Student Number Via Email?

Follow the below guide to find North-West University student number via email.

  1. Open your email address through your web browser
  2. Log into your email account
  3. Open the “VSS-do-not-reply” mail (or)
  4. Type North-West University in the search box at the top of the email and click on “University Number and Pin”
  5. You’ll see your NWU student number and pin in your email.
how to find nwu student number in email
how to find nwu student number in email

Yes, you can find your NWU student number via your email address inbox.

When you create your North-West University Student Number, your original university student number is sent to you via the email you provided.

It’s therefore easy to recollect your NWU student number in your email.

How Do I Create A New North-West University Number?

If you think you’ll need a new North-West University number, we do recommend that you read How To Create NWU Student Number for the step-by-step guide to creating a new student number as a North-West University (NWU) student.

We do hope this article on how to find NWU Student number was helpful?

You can ask your question in the comment.

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Tinah Queen Maroganye September 13, 2022 - 11:57 am

I can’t process my application because of student number pls help me

Universityonlineapplication September 13, 2022 - 9:29 pm

You can check from your email address or use the forgotten student number option. If both options are not working, try to contact the admission committee via or call 018 299 4383/4130/4263/2445/2003.


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