Is SASSA SRD Grant R700?

If you have been reading from other sources and social media, you’d have come across that SASSA is now paying R700 to beneficiaries. Is SASSA SRD Grant R700?

The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA), with its numerous grants like the SRD R350 Grant, Older Person’s Grant, and Child Support Grant, pays a different amount to beneficiaries of each grant.

For example, SASSA pays R350 to beneficiaries of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

SASSA has published all the required information on its website for interested applicants and beneficiaries of the various grants for crosschecking.

They keep updating the information when there’s a change in either application rules or payment amounts.

Again, SASSA has its own official social media handles that they use to communicate with the people of South Africa as well.

However, many media outlets, especially on news portals and social media platforms, publish information that is usually different from what SASSA has on its official website and social media pages.

So, what is the actual payment for SASSA R350 Grant? Has SASSA increased SRD Grant from R350 to R700?

Well, this is what you will know in this article. So, let’s get to it.

Is SASSA SRD Grant R700 Now?

According to SASSA, the SRD Grant is still R350. All beneficiaries of the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant will be paid the R350 grant as usual.

Again, SASSA has reiterated that there has not been an increase in the srd payment from R350 to R700.

Beneficiaries are, therefore, cautioned against misinformation on social media to spare themselves from getting their hopes high when they’re going to collect their money.

Furthermore, sassa srd beneficiaries are not going to be paid R700 for sasssa srd.

What Is The Actual Payable Amount Of SRD Grant?

All SASSA SRD beneficiaries will be paid a total amount of R350 each month as long as they still qualify for the grant for each month.

Again, SASSA has made changes in the income threshold that beneficiaries must have in order to qualify for the Covid-19 R350 Grant.

You should read How Much Must You Earn To Qualify For SASSA R350 Grant? for further explanation and understanding of the new income threshold of the SRD Grant.

Will SASSA Increase SRD Grant?

The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) has not made any assurances of a possible increase in the srd payment for now.

This means until SASSA makes a public announcement of any increase, srd grant remains at R350 per month.

Why Are People Saying SASSA SRD Is R700?

This certainly is caused by media outlets that do not complete proper inquiries before publishing information to the public.

There are lots of hearsays who will publish wrong information just to catch the attention of people to read from their blogs or websites or social media pages.

In any case, SASSA says you can go to the nearest office or call SASSA whenever you want an explanation or confirmation of any information you find on the internet.

Also, is the webpage for SASSA SRD R350 grant

In conclusion, SASSA SRD is not R700 but remains R350 per month until SASSA makes an official increment in the grant.

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