DBE To Release Matric Results On 19 January 2023

DBE to release Matric Results on 19 January 2023. All Matriculants are patiently waiting for the outcome of exams.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has announced the release of the Matric Results to be on 19 January 2023.

Students who sat for the Matric Exams 2022 are now on the verge to know the outcome of their performance in the exams.

While matriculants are anticipating to know if they passed the test or not, they are also inquisitive as to where the results could take them in their academic careers.

Now that the Department of Basic Education has published the official date for the release of the 2022 Matric results to be on 19 January 2023, I am here to take you through what the Spokesperson of the Department of Basic Education, Mr. Elijah Mhlanga has said about the releasing of the results.

But before that, one important issue that has been raised among many students is the date on which DBE has chosen to release the 2022 Matric results.

This legitimate concern of learners has been how they are going to secure admission spaces in the various tertiary institutions.

Most universities begin their academic year in February which by then, have closed applications and registrations in late December and January.

Both students and parents have criticized the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to consider reviewing the late release of the matric results so that, students who want to register at the various tertiary institutions will have enough time to do so.

According to the Spokesperson for DBE, Elijah Mhlanga, the late release of the results is due to the yearly increase in the number of learners who register to write Matric.

This turns to marking and processing the exams increasingly tedious for DBE.

However, he also believes that something has to be done about the situation.

He said “If you look at the trends, there’s been an increase in the number of matriculants that are passing; we are now approaching one million [matric learners] in 2022, there are 921 000 [learners] which means there is an increase in the amount of work that needs to be done, and the analysis has become even more complex,” explained Mhlanga.

Further explaining his views, he added “Secondly, Covid happened as well. Remember, when schools first closed in 2020, in 2021 schools started late; the same thing happened in 2022. So, the late start in 2022 had a knock-on effect which means the week that we lost, is the week that affected everything else in the system. Exams started late as well and ended later than usual.

Again, Elijah Mhlanga reiterated that National Examinations Irregularities Committee has taken into consideration all discrepancies that have occurred in the 2022 Matric Exams in hopes to resolve the factors to make the writing, marking, and processing of the Matric better in the coming years.

Mr. Elijah Mhlanga explains “There wouldn’t be any irregularity that would have delayed any process in the administration of the examinations, including the processing of results after marking has taken place; so everything is going well, we just need to finish this process and then look towards the date of the 19th,”.

Students or learners have the opportunity to rewrite certain subjects if they deem it necessary to better their matric results.

According to Elijah Mhlanga, the Matric Rewrite will start on 8 March 2023. Learners, therefore, have enough time to register for Matric Rewrite after getting their matric results on 19 January 2023.

Now that you know the date on which matric results will be released you should read How To Check Matric Results Online for the complete step-by-step guide to checking your results for matric.

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