Why Is My SASSA Child Support Grant Suspended?

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In this article, I am answering the question of why is my SASSA Child Support Grant suspended.

Most SASSA Child Support Grants get suspended and most of the beneficiaries who get affected in most cases, don’t understand why.

They begin to ask questions like, why SASSA suspends child support grant, can SASSA suspend child support grants? etc.

If you have been seeking to get answers, then you are on the right page. We should, therefore, look into the reasons SASSA has suspended your Child Grant.

Why Is My SASSA Child Support Grant Suspended?

The following reasons are why your SASSA Child Support Grant is suspended.

  1. a change in your circumstances
  2. the outcome of your Child Grant review
  3. if you fail to co-operate when the child’s grant is reviewed
  4. when you commit fraud or misrepresent the child
  5. if there was a mistake when the child’s grant was approved
  6. if the child is no longer in your care.

When you fall victim to the above instances, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will suspend your Child Grant.

If you receive a message that your Child Grant is to be reviewed, and you want to understand how, this article How Does SASSA Review Child Support Grant? will help you with a detailed explanation of the child grant review process.

Other Reasons Your Child Support Grant Could Be Suspended

  • The child has died
  • The child has been admitted to a state institution (for example orphanage home)
  • The caregiver has not collected the grant for three months in a row
  • The child no longer lives in South Africa
  • The child turns 18 (The suspension happens at the end of the month in which his birthday falls)

If the child has turned 18 years old, then he no longer qualifies for the Child Support Grant but rather, can apply for SASSA R350 Grant.

Why Child Support Grant Get Suspended?

Are you wondering why the suspension of the Child Support Grant happens? Well, SASSA considers the following instances.

  • SASSA might need proof of identity of the child
  • SASSA wants to make sure the child is still in school
  • SASSA wants to make sure you are the primary caregiver of the child

If SASSA finds out that you cannot prove the above cases, your Child Support Grant will be suspended.

You should read How Do You Know You Qualify For SASSA Child Support Grant? for the requirements needed for both the primary caregiver and child.

What Can You Do If Your Child Support Grant Gets Suspended?

When your child support grant gets suspended, SASSA will inform you.

If you disagree with the reasons given by SASSA, you can go to the Appeals Tribunal within 90 days after the suspension.

Appeals can rarely be done if you fail to process your appeal after 90 days of the suspension of your Child Grant.

You can go to www.gov.za for further inquiries about Child Support Grant suspensions.

In conclusion, this is the answer to why is my SASSA child support grant suspended.

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