Who Qualifies For A Learnership? – Easy Guide

Are you planning on applying for a learnership but asking who qualifies for a learnership? Well, the fact is, you have to qualify for a learnership to be able to do a learnership.

Again, companies that offer learnerships usually make some qualification requirements before they can take you for their learnerships and qualification requirements vary with every company.

So, how do you qualify for learnership, how can you qualify for a learnership, and how do you get a learnership are many but few questions that people ask when they want to enroll in a learnership program.

Therefore, we’re taking you through the guidelines as to who qualifies for a learnership so that, you’ll know more about learnership qualifications and how to apply for learnership, and where to apply for a learnership.

So, let’s get started with the topics.

Who Qualifies For A Learnership?

To qualify for a learnership, you must complete school or college and be 16 years old or 35 years old or younger. In case you’re unemployed, then you’ll qualify for learnership when there’s an employer or company prepared to offer you to equip you with the required skillset for the job.

Again, some employers have specified qualification requirements for their learnership programs. In general, aside from meeting the age requirements as determined by the Sector Education and Training Authorities, each employer has specific qualification requirements for their learnership program.

So, It’s very clear that you get to know the requirements you must meet to qualify for a learnership that you choose to apply for the skillset.

Those who qualify for learnership must be 16 years older and 35 years younger and should have completed school or college.


Do Companies Require Matric To Qualify For Learnership?

Generally yes, one of the common things required to qualify for learnership by most companies or employers is matric qualification.

More importantly, such companies are specific that in order to qualify for a learnership in their institution, you must have matric in Maths and English or matric in Maths and Physical Science.

Again, these specific requirements are learnership specific. Meaning the requirements comes per the kind of job or learnership the company is offering.

For example, if a company is a financial institution, then you will definitely need a matric pass in mathematics to qualify for their learnership.

Nonetheless, there are lots of employers who do not require that a learnership applicant should have a matric qualification at all.

We do recommend that you read Can I Get A Learnership Without Matric? for more information and explanation on qualifying for a learnership without matric.

Who Can Apply For A Learnership?

To be able to apply for a learnership, you should meet the requirements of learnerships in South Africa. Thus, you must be;

  1. 16 years older and or 35 years younger
  2. Complete school with at least matric qualification
  3. Meet employer/company-specific learnership requirements

What Do I Benefit If I Qualify For A Learnership?

There is so much you stand to benefit from when you qualify for a learnership and apply for one.

  • You can apply for a learnership
  • You get access to further learning and working opportunities
  • You get both theoretical and practical knowledge of the job
  • You get national recognition for your working experience
  • You get a competitive advantage when you apply for a job since you have the experience
  • You upgrade your skillset for the job
  • You enjoy allowances during the learnership.

These and many more are what you benefit from when you qualify for a learnership.

How Can I Find A Learnership?

You’ll have to register as a work-seeker at your nearest Labour Center so that employers or companies will find you.

You can also contact the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and they will assist you to find which companies are offering learnerships.

Also, you can go to the Department of Higher Education and Training career website and look for available learnerships to apply. The website is https://www.careerhelp.org.za/

How Do I Apply For A Learnership If I Qualify?

You can apply for a learnership online when you qualify to apply for a learnership. But you should know who is eligible for a learnership? Once you know that you’re eligible to apply for a learnership, then you can apply for learnership online.

You should read How To Apply For Learnership Online for the step-by-step guide process to applying for a learnership online.

We do hope this article on who qualifies for a learnership was helpful?

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