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unisa diploma courses

Do you want to know the list of UNISA Diploma courses for this academic year? Are you planning on registering to read a diploma course at the University of South Africa?

Again, do you want to know all the diploma courses offered at UNISA that you can register to read?

Well then, we assume these questions and many more are the reasons why you’re here.

In this article, we’re taking you through the list of the University of South Africa diploma courses offered in the university of which you can choose any to read.

We’ll also look at other frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Unisa diploma courses.

So, let’s start the topics

UNISA Diploma Courses

Below are all the diploma courses currently offered at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

  1. Diploma in Account Science (98200)
  2. Diploma in Agricultural Management (90097)
  3. Diploma in Administrative Management (98216)
  4. Diploma in Animal Health (98026 – AHE)
  5. Diploma in Chemical Engineering (90130)
  6. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (90138)
  7. Diploma in Civil Engineering (90137)
  8. Diploma in Corrections Management ( 98218)
  9. Diploma in Explosive Management (98222)
  10. Diploma in Grade R Teaching (90173)
  11. Diploma in Human Resource Management (98211)
  12. Diploma in Industral Management (90136)
  13. Diploma in Information Technology (98806 – ITE)
  14. Diploma in Law (98750)
  15. Diploma in Local Government Finance (90083)
  16. Diploam in Marketing Management (98202)
  17. Diploma in Mechanical Management (90132)
  18. Diploma in Minning Engineering (90140)
  19. Diploma in Nature Conservation (98024 – NCO)
  20. Diploma in Office Management and Technology (98217)
  21. Diploma in Ornamental and Horticulture (98025 – HOR)
  22. Diploma in Policing (98220)
  23. Diploma in Public Administratin and Management (98203)
  24. Diploma in Public Relations (90077)
  25. Diploma in Pulp and Papar Technology (90141)
  26. Diploma in Safety Management (98221)
  27. Diploma in Small Business Managment (90073)
  28. Diploma in Tourism Management (98223)
  29. National Diploma: Agricultural Management (NDAGR)
  30. National Diploma: Engineering: Chemical (NDENG)
  31. National Diploma: Engineering: Civil (NDECI)
  32. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Clinical Engineering (NDEEN CEN)
  33. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Computer Systems (NDEEN – COS)
  34. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Electronics and Electronic Communication (NDEEN – EEC)
  35. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Mechatronics (NDEEN – MEC)
  36. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (NDEEN – PEN)
  37. National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Process Instrumentation (NDEEN – PIN)
  38. National Diploma: Engineering: Industrial (NDEID)
  39. National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical (NDEMC)
  40. National Diploma: Mine Surveying (NDMSR)
  41. National Diploma: Mining Engineering (NDMIN)
  42. National Diploma: Public Relations Management (DPUBR)
  43. National Diploma: Pulp and Paper Technology (NDPPT)
  44. National Diploma: Safety Management (NDSMN)
  45. Student enquiries
  46. Contact details for student assistance and service

These are all the diploma courses offered at the University of South Africa.

Let us now look at some of the frequently asked questions about UNISA diploma courses.

How Many Years Is A Diploma At UNISA?

To complete a diploma qualification at the University of South Africa (UNISA), we have made the specifications simple for you in the below list format.

  1. You will need 3 years to complete a 120-credit qualification (i.e postgraduate diploma, higher certificate, advanced certificate or honors)
  2. You’ll need 6 years to complete a 240-crede qualification (2-year advanced certificate or diploma)
  3. You’ll need 8 years to complete a 360-credit qualification (3-year degree or diploma)

For further inquiries on the years to complete Unisa diploma courses, see from here www.unisa.ac.za/diploma/courses

Is There Diploma In Education At UNISA?

Yes, since 2020, UNISA has been offering Advanced Diploma in Education in Intermediate Phase Mathematics Teaching. Therefore, if you’re interested in a diploma in education at the University of South Africa, you can apply for admission now.

Go here University of South Africa Online Application to apply for a study admission space at UNISA.

How Do I Register For Diploma At UNISA?

In order to read diploma courses at the University of South Africa, you need to register after you’ve been given an admission space.

To register at UNISA, you can do it from here UNISA Online Registration to register to enroll to study your diploma courses at the University of South Africa.

Does NSFAS Fund For Diploma Courses At UNISA?

Yes, NSFAS funds diploma courses for students who are registered at UNISA and are reading diploma courses for a diploma qualification.

However, students who are reading diploma courses at UNISA must qualify for NSFAS funding before they can be funded for their diploma qualification.

That means students must apply and get approved for NSFAS funding.

Students reading diploma courses at UNISA gets NSFAS funding if they meet the requirements, apply and get approved to receive funding.


You should Apply for NSFAS right away if you intend to get funding for your diploma qualification at UNISA.

How Many Years Is Diploma In General?

Averagely, it takes a maximum of 3 years to complete a diploma course to earn a diploma qualification. However, if a student takes a gap year, or fails some modules, he or she may not complete the diploma qualification in 3 years as expected.

We do hope this article on UNISA diploma courses was helpful?

You can ask your questions in the comment section.

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