Reasons Why SASSA Will Suspend Your Child Support Grant

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In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why SASSA will suspend your Child Support Grant. When you Apply for SASSA Child Support Grant, and you are approved, your grant can be suspended too.

But, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will not suspend your Child Grant for no reason.

There are reasons why SASSA will cancel your child support grant. This means, once you fall victim to the reasons outlined by SASSA, your Child Support Grant is liable for cancelation.

So, what are the reasons SASSA suspends Child Support Grants? This is what I’m going to show you.

Reasons Why SASSA Will Suspend Your Child Support Grant

The following reasons may result in the suspension of your SASSA Child Support Grant.

  1. a change in your circumstances
  2. the outcome of your Child Grant review
  3. if you fail to co-operate when the child’s grant is reviewed
  4. when you commit fraud or misrepresent the child
  5. if there was a mistake when the child’s grant was approved
  6. if the child is no longer in your care.

These are the reasons that can make SASSA suspend your child grant.

SASSA is very particular about the Child Support Grant review. So, I do recommend that you read How Does SASSA Review Child Support Grant? for detailed information on it.

Why Does SASSA Suspend Child Grant?

SASSA suspends Child Support Grants to beneficiaries to make sure only qualified applicants are receiving the grant.

This helps SASSA to distribute the grant to deserving South Africans who truly need the support to take care of their children.

When Will SASSA Suspend My Child Support Grant?

SASSA will cancel your Child Grant once you commit the outlined reasons that will result in getting your grant suspended.

This only happens when the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) realizes that you fall short of any of the suspended reasons.

Will SASSA Notify Me If My Child Support Grant Is Canceled?

Yes, SASSA will send you an SMS via the cellphone number you used to register your Child, Grant. The message will contain the reason why your grant is suspended.

Can I Reapply If My SASSA Child Support Grant Is Suspended?

You can reapply for Child Support Grant for reconsideration after your grant is suspended or canceled.

However, SASSA will review your reapplication details and make sure you have rectified the mistakes and now meets all the requirements for the Child Grant.

You should also read the SASSA Child Grant Application Requirements for the list of requirements that SASSA demands from the parent/caregiver and the child in question for the grant.

Can SASSA Suspend My Child Grant For The Wrong Reasons?

As said, human is to error and sometimes, SASSA can suspend your Child Support Grant by mistake.

When this happens, and you believe you still qualify for the grant, I advise you to contact SASSA or go to SASSA office to make an official complaint so that, they fix the issue for you.

In conclusion, these are the reasons SASSA suspends Child Grant, or reasons SASSA suspends Child Support Grant.

The official website for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is

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