How Do I Cancel SASSA Child Grant? – Easy Guide

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how do I cancel sassa child grant

Do you want to cancel your SASSA Child Grant and you’re asking how do I cancel SASSA Child Grant?

Well, before you make your final decision to cancel your SASSA Child’s Grant, we’ll advise that you take a considerable risk and scale the reason why you have to cancel sassa child support grant.

If you’re okay and want to proceed to cancel SASSA grant for your child or children, then you’ll need to know how to cancel SASSA Child Grant or better put how to cancel sassa child support grant.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to cancel SASSA Child Grant so that, you do not get SASSA grant for your child in case you do not need it anymore.

How Do I Cancel SASSA Child Grant?

According to SASSA, if you want to cancel SASSA Child Grant, you’ll have to do this.

  1. Go to a SASSA office
  2. Provide a letter of appointment or copy of your latest payslip
  3. Provide your latest 3 months bank statement
  4. Provide the birth certificate of the child
  5. Provide your identity document as a parent or caregiver of the child.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will process both your document and that of the child’s document to cancel the child’s grant from SASSA.

Why Should You Chancel SASSA Child Grant?

You should cancel your SASSA child’s grant if you believe the child does no longer qualify for the grant.

The SASSA Child Grant is for children below 18 years of age. So the best option to consider before you cancel your child’s support grant from SASSA is to make sure the child is now older than 18 years.

Can I Cancel SASSA Child Grant Online?

No, you cannot cancel SASSA Child Grant online. In order to cancel your Child’s Grant from SASSA, you’ll have to visit the local SASSA branch to provide your documents so that SASSA can work on those documents to cancel the grant.

Can I Reapply For SASSA Child Grant After I Cancel?

Yes, you can reapply for SASSA Child Grant if you think you made a mistake to request the cancellation of your Child’s support Grant.

We do recommend that you read How Do I Apply For SASSA Child Support Grant? for the guide to applying for SASSA Child Grant for your child or children.

We do hope this article on how do you cancel SASSA Child Support Grant was helpful?

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